Creating an Online Marketplace for Farmers in Pakistan

In countries such as the USA, they have online marketplaces; Amazon and eBay, for suppliers to deliver their goods on time and in a structured manner. A country like Pakistan, there is still some way to go. Similarly, the majority of the farmers are still using old techniques for farming that result in low yield per hector. To establish a digital marketplace would enable the farmers to harvest and deliver products on time at higher prices. Additionally, they would get information about market prices and future market demand to plan better in the future.


Agri360 aims at providing farmers to get farm supplies, access to commodity buyers, supplier, and financial institutions. An easy to use Agri360app allows farmers Punjab and Pakistan at large can procure farm supplies like quality seeds and fertilizer through few clicks from their Smartphone. Previously, a farmer had to travel to the supplier in a nearby town or city to buy farm supplies at different times of the year. Informal marketplace, prices fluctuated rapidly, and this made many farmers skeptical of when to purchase the supplies. The emergence of online markets such as Agri360, prices transparency and demand management help to build trust between farmer and suppliers. Farmers are now able to purchase supplies at the right price and required quantity using tools in Agri360 app.


On the other hand, suppliers don’t have tools and data to forecast demand, for example, farmers in Pakistan had to wait for up to 6 months to get specific farming equipment and pay 30 to 50 percent of the cost up front. Digital platforms like Agri360 harness the power of blockchain technology help build transparency, traceability and a better margin for all participants in the Agri value chain. The farmer can order farm supplies online and gets reference number to track their order online. Tools such as in-app chat allow the farmer to give feedback and get technical advice from the supplier, making the whole process simpler and hassle-free.


Agriculture contributes more than 20 % of Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP). The importance of agriculture is evident as the large population is linked to agriculture in the country, more so the rural community, where about 62 % of the people depend on this sector. With the help of underlying blockchain technology farmers are now able to have credible and verifiable data, enabling them to make even better choices about their farm supply purchases. Whereas, suppliers now have a better understanding of what the farmer needs, and when to have the supplies in stock. This information that was not captured before creates a win-win situation for all. The new blockchain technology first implemented in Agri360 platform opens up new opportunities in the Agri supply chain.


Agri360 platform allows all types of farmers particularly smallholders farmers access to markets prices, buy farm supplies and sell their products online.


Lastly, Agri360 uses blockchain and machine learning technologies. The machine learning or artificial techniques offer farmers relevant better advice such as how to find information about plant disease by taking a photo using the mobile camera.


Agri360 is an online platform that connects farmers, suppliers, buyers, processors, and financial institutions. The farmers build up transaction history in this process, get right supplies at cheaper rates and sell their products to the customer directly at higher prices

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